Like a landline, Only better!

Our Superfast Home Packages offers you greater choice when picking your home broadband & phone service with an added twist.

We wont need a landline at all, so no expensive monthly rental fees. No ‘long line’ speed issues and we’ll even give you a choice over the contract length.

£20 Per Month

+ £150 One off Installation Fee

Avg Speeds 38.4Mbps  14.4Mbps 
Max Speeds
 57Mbps ↓ 18.6Mbps 

Usage Allowance Unlimited
Contention 50:1
Aircube Included (More)
Firewall Security Included
Online-Gaming Compatible Yes
TV Streaming Compatible Yes

United Kingdom1.18 pence per min9.9 pence per min
USA1.9 pence per min1.9 pence per min
France1.9 pence per min14.9 pence per min
Germany1.4 pence per min12.9 pence per min
Spain1.9 pence per min12.9 pence per min
Australia 1.9 pence per min17.9 pence per min

Call Packages

As standard, Our phone service comes with pay as you go calls offering low cost calling to UK landlines and mobiles. If you do alot of talking, We can provide anytime calls offering unlimited minutes with no restrictions.


+ £17.50 a month

Covers: UK Only



+ £27.50 a month

Covers: UK, EU, Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand and the USA.


How is it installed?

We’ll perform a pre-installation survey at establish predicted speeds, upon installation, an engineer will visit and install a tiny roof top dish, cabling and a indoor wireless router. We’ll make sure its all up and running before we leave.  

How do i order?

You can order online, over the phone or by post. We accept payment by Card, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer and if for whatever reason, we cannot install our service, we’ll refund any money paid. 

Call us on 0800 6 102 109 today or order online below.

Frequently asked question?

If you have any initial questions, see if they’ve been answered already below. If not, Please give us a call on 0800 6 102109 or email us by clicking here

In short, from 1 – 2 weeks, from ordering to going live.

In full, It depends on each order with availability and clear line of sight to the mast being crucial factors. In an ideal world, with clear line of sight and no ordering issues, we could have you setup within a number of days.

If we need to perform additional surveys or install additional equipment, you may have to wait a few more weeks. If you live outside of our coverage, you may have to wait until enough demand is found before we install the network needed to provide your broadband.

Please checkout our coverage map for more.

WestWiFi uses Fixed Wireless Technology to connect homes and businesses to superfast broadband and phone services.  We tap into the fibre broadband network at key points of presence and we install a base station on a high rooftop or mast. We can then install a rooftop dish on our customers premises to receive and transmit data wirelessly.

Previously, The incumbent operator would have rented you a pair of thin copper wires to receive and transmit data. Over longer distances of only a few km’s, speeds would degrade rapidly. WestWiFi steps away from this network and provides you a new 5Ghz wireless link that can reach 5 Miles with great speeds.

By using dedicated equipment, we’re able to provide our services to customers upto 15 miles away (in the right locations). This mean’s we’re able to connect customers with cheaper leased lines in town’s and cities out of reach of the wired alternative.

Small Print Subject to availability, Min term 18 month contract, fair usage policy and terms apply. Emergency 999 calls will be tagged with your installation address to aid a faster response, roaming customers will have this disabled. Full terms and conditions available upon ordering. All prices inc VAT. E&OE.