Building from the ground up

We’re building our own 5Ghz network from the ground up, setting up infrastructure ourselves and designing our network around you. This involves huge amounts of planning, funding, blood, sweat and tears. This post explains some of what we do to bring high speed internet to your rooftop.

Finding the right location
This is by far the hardest operation as liaising with land owners and local authorities can be a battlefield. Once a suitable location is found, the second hurdle needs to be overcome. Power and connectivity, if its viable to install power cabling and back-haul fibre/microwave, we move onto the next step.

Designing the Mast
We need to analyse the local population, environment and work out the potential coverage vs size of mast. We may choose to have a roof mounted mast on a near by chimney, or we may take to the fields and install a wooden pole or steel lattice mast, planning dependant . Once approved, we commence with the construction.

Build Phase
We plan and project manager everything in house, subcontracting specialist work out to experts. We can typically have the build completed within a number of weeks of getting approval. Getting you online as fast as possible.

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