Internet Security

The importance of cyber security is at an all-time high with the NHS, worldwide Governments and Giant Organisations all falling victim to online crime. The best way to keep secure is to stay up to date as software makers fix security issues frequently.

The first line of defence should be anti-virus, constantly scanning for known threats. The second line should be a firewall, managing the gateway between you and the internet.


There are many free and paid for options on the market, some with better detection rates than others, We’ve found Avast offer a suitable baseline level of protection for free 
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Many anti-virus packages and operating systems offer firewall options, however to be on the safe side, you should have  a standalone, like the free to use, Comodo Firewall 
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Lastly, being internet smart is critical. Google search will often block out harmful websites from their search results, however a few creep through the filters and we’re seeing legitimate websites, injecting malicious code through their adverts.

Websites offering free movies or software cracks are often malware distribution networks, which your giving permission to install by trying to access their website or downloads.

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