Universal Service Obligation – What is it?

As part of an EU directive to fill the gap and deliver superfast broadband to everyone, the universal service obligation or USO for short was created making it law that service providers must provide services exceeding certain criteria. This means homes and businesses should be able to obtain download speeds greater than 10Mbps, upload speeds greater than 1Mbps and download caps of a minimum of 100GB (Click here for more). This has a deadline of 2020 and massive government funded rollouts have happened across the country.

Multi-Millions have been spent achieving as of January 2018, a coverage of 97% of the UK, leaving 925,000 premises in the UK (3%) without access to minimum legal speeds. In Somerset alone, there are many pockets of disadvantaged homes and businesses unable to get superfast speeds via the incumbent operator. A wave of new providers offering services like Fibre to the home are establishing, such as Truespeed, Gigaclear and IFNL all offering greater speeds, for greater pricing and in very limited rollout areas due to the high network build costs involved.

This leaves a gap that still needs to be filled and this is where fixed wireless access can come into play, without requiring expensive digs, roadworks and civil engineering projects getting cables to customers, Our solution uses small cell, mimo wireless technology, locally broadcasting superfast broadband to customers rooftops. We’re able to deliver gigabit connections with unlimited usage due to our advanced network design, matching what cabled providers are offering.

We’re dismayed to see other, government funded providers offering less than the USO for speed, monthly usage and coverage. We’ve seen very long links established by putting transmitters on taller masts, ultimately diminishing signal strength and quality. These low speeds, combined with the under the uso bandwidth allowance minimum and the higher than the incumbent pricing, makes providers like this as bad as the incumbent and will be short-lived, failing to keep up with the curve.

Where are we targeting? 

We’ve got our work cut out, with every red dot having under 2Mbps and every yellow dot having under 10Mbps. We’re starting from the West by Minehead and Watchet and working towards Bridgwater and Taunton with a demand lead rollout plan.

This means, whoever signs up online will speed up the rollout in their area. We’re able to start planning to commissioning a network within 4 weeks, so the faster customers move to register their details, the faster we can start providing their services.

Our network and its assets are discrete and able to be installed on rooftops and streetside. Using low powered devices, our coverage is smaller, yet stronger by using advanced technologies such as multi in / multi out (MIMO) and small cell deployments, repeating bandwidth to other base stations and creating a more resilient network.

As we’re a small, privately funded start-up, we’re unable to afford a wide, mass rollout. so please register your details to help us target your area.