Worldcup Online

With the World Cup in full swing, we’re all eyes on our network, monitoring capacities and uptime so you don’t miss a second of action. This is high on our agenda because even a moment of buffering can mean you miss out and learn the fate via the cheers or cries from the surrounding area. 

Behind the scenes, we have a network operations centre, who watch out for any developing faults, dealing with them before they become an issue. We can deploy harder rules, so non-essential downloads will slow down a fraction to allow TV streaming priority, meaning no buffering. 

What we actually saw was a drop in streaming, due to the free to air status giving everyone the chance to watch it on the TV or down the local pub. At half time and during extra-time, we saw spikes in social media traffic as people discuss the game online. 

As we see 4k streaming being available and getting used more, we’re anticipating larger spikes in traffic during the semi-finals and finals. We’re working with content delivery partners to cache streaming data nearer to our core network, relieving the burden of 4k stream delivery, thus speeding up non-cached traffic.

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