Connectivity where it’s needed the most

Internet connectivity is becoming an essential service we need to work fluidly on any device. The delays and inconveniences of a slow connection or even worse, no connection at all, will soon add up. Many remote workers will know how bad mobile phone signal can be, especially when your in the middle of no where, with no other solution in sight.

Well not for long as WestWifi to the rescue! (Cue the thunderbirds theme) We’re developing a new solution for outdoor workers,such as, house and road builders, contractors, civil engineers, forestry commissions, even farmers. Using our powerful wireless network, we’re able to deliver reliable connectivity without fibre or copper cabling and with working distances of upto 15 Miles (line of sight), we’re able to cover the furthest locations and even then, we can repeat the signal further or around bends, hills and obstacles.

Having the site manager or engineer on-site, boots on the ground, being able to download the very latest PDF plan from the cloud within seconds will not only free up his time it will also increase productivity throughout the site. Unlike service station wifi or 4G dongle, Our service can utilise IP VPN so your private network can extend to remote workers, and stay private.

If power is an issue, our low powered devices can be hooked up to batteries or solar panels for ”off-grid” use. Perfect for CCTV broadcast, ANPR connections, VoIP telephony, WiFi Hotspots, Remote ”on-site” portacabin network connectivity, etc.

If you don’t need high bandwidth capacities, we’re able to provide LoRaWAN  (Long Range Wide Area Network). It’s a standard for wireless communication that allows IoT devices to communicate over large distance with minimal battery usage. This allows capacities in the kbps to be transferred between IoT devices, over wider distances. We’re able to mix these technologies together to fully cover your site and connect all your devices.

Please call 0800 6 102109 to find out more.