Watchet Upgrades

We’re looking to upgrade our network in Watchet as we’re limited to up to 50Mbps due to the technology which is available in this area. We’re using a ethernet over FTTC product over Openreach apparatus to backhaul our fixed wireless traffic to the internet.

It’s inherently expensive to use dedicated fibre even with the local exchange just up the road in Williton. We would need to increase our pricing substantially to be able to afford installation and the on-going costs, sometimes almost double what urban areas are charged.

This is why major alternative network target urban and suburban areas as its more cost effective, with a higher revenue likelihood with more premises passed. While we work with hard to reach areas, the infrastructure is very hard to reach in this area.

While we’re investigating running fibre in the ground to achieve gigabit capability, we’re also looking at extending our coverage over the hill and across the east of Watchet and further afield.