Archives May 2022

Fixed Wireless Done Right

We have been working with fixed wireless technologies since 2012 and over the last decade, we have grown from a superfast provider to a gigabit provider. This has ultimately been targeted at areas with no broadband options at all with many other fixed wireless access providers doing other parts of the UK.

We’ve been following our competitors deployments carefully, the technology used and customer experiences. We’ve seen reports that some customers of other fixed wireless providers are suffering issues with speeds and drop-outs.

We have encountered the same issues with our own deployments however upon investigation, there are four main reasons why fixed wireless connections can go wrong after they have been working correctly. Some experience slow speeds periodically and some randomly loose their connection, with little or no resolution.

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Stogursey Upgrades

We have been working on our Stogursey mast in preparation of new gigabit services and a new fibre deployment. This will ensure the area is not lefts behind with neighbouring towns and villages getting the full fibre treatment. Further away, we’ll be upgrading our fixed wireless access to handle gigabit speeds for remote rural homes and businesses. Getting gigabit broadband might be more affordable with the gigabit voucher scheme.

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