Stogursey Upgrades

We have been working on our Stogursey mast in preparation of new gigabit services and a new fibre deployment. This will ensure the area is not lefts behind with neighbouring towns and villages getting the full fibre treatment. Further away, we’ll be upgrading our fixed wireless access to handle gigabit speeds for remote rural homes and businesses. Getting gigabit broadband might be more affordable with the gigabit voucher scheme.

To get technical, we currently serve fixed wireless access to a few properties via two dedicated ethernet connections providing around 150Mbps of bandwidth. To gain access to full fibre would have been too costly in this area and we used an ethernet over FTTC product which provides 1:1 dedicated bandwidth for our customers to use. Ideally, we would acquire the full fibre in a cheaper area, and use fixed wireless access to cover the miles of countryside.

We have surveyed the our current installation and drawn up new plans to relocate and add full fibre. This will enable us to relay gigabit speeds to our existing fixed wireless services while adding a new full fibre services for properties nearby. We will be launching some sales offers in this area to increase demand, once this reaches our threshold, we will commence a full fibre installation. Some properties maybe eligible for a Gigabit voucher to help pay for all of some of the installation. More information will hit doorsteps shortly, in the meantime, please get in touch to discover more.