About us

WestWiFi provides a range of broadband connections through a hybrid network using multiple technologies to connect even the hardest to reach areas. We primarily use fixed wireless access on roof tops, telegraph poles and masts to broadcast superfast and ultrafast broadband to homes and businesses in the rural South West of England. 

We’ve helped families get online during lockdown and businesses obtain a real diverse failsafe connection to always have access to internal systems. Our goal is to connect the hardest to reach locations and use innovative methods to make it more affordable. Full fibre and even low orbit satellite is expensive to setup and use, Fixed wireless access if used correctly can provide a better alternative when speed and budget are important factors.

Our small team is based in Somerset, operated in-house and fully managed and supported. We have accredited aerial installers, street works team and network engineers. We’re fully insured and drive to upskill our existing workforce keeping jobs local. 

Our journey so far

We have come along way under our own steam, investing everything and evolving organically. 

  • 2012 – The Idea was born
    We were tasked to provide a wireless network for a large event, which saw over 10,000 concurrent connections. Even with advanced network management, it was a challenge to keep the network operational however it worked with great results and it inspired new ideas such as fixed wireless internet for rural Somerset and the surrounding counties.

  •  2014 – Business Plan Formation
    We developed a plan of action with a small fund to purchase test equipment. The first location needed to be a group of homes or businesses without any access to superfast broadband. We found a number of locations however Watchet stood out. It has a number of new developments where FTTC and FTTP were not rolled out, leaving dozens of new properties with sub standard broadband. We also reach the marina so home’s reliant on mobile broadband have another choice. 

  • 2017 – First Customer Connection
    We switched on the first customer connection and sold out capacity within a matter of days. This lead to upgrades and new locations being found and deployed and more customers joining our network and further plans being developed. We developed policies to ensure the network standards are maintained and done so in a safe and effective manner. 

  • 2019 – Expanding the Network
    We started expanding the network with new sites and a plan to acquire a rival SWWISP. The deal ultimately fell through over misrepresentations and we put all our efforts into expanding our network to where its needed the most. With multiple sites across Somerset, Devon & Cornwall being designed and built, funded via profit reinvestments only. We obtained code powers and scaled up into WestNetworks Innovations Limited. 

  •  2021 – Delivering a Better Local Internet
    Becoming the fixed wireless part of WestNetworks Innovations Limited means we are offering a wider range of internet connectivity to home, businesses and service providers. This enables us to grow our teams, expand internally, while keeping costs as low as possible, extending our investments reach. We’re now beating the industry standard for cost per premises passed and achieving gigabit capacities.