Businesses in Exeter could benefit from a new leased line equivalent fixed wireless network. We’re planning a new dual band gigabit ready network to serve businesses across the area with 1Gbps symmetrical connectivity.

From just £99 a month, with a £200 setup fee, we could pipe 100Mbps to your rooftop. Unlimited usage and very low latency. Perfect for a budget connection or a secondary resilient failsafe.

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We’re looking to upgrade our network in Watchet as we’re limited to up to 50Mbps due to the technology which is available in this area. We’re using a ethernet over FTTC product over Openreach apparatus to backhaul our fixed wireless traffic to the internet.

It’s inherently expensive to use dedicated fibre even with the local exchange just up the road in Williton. We would need to increase our pricing substantially to be able to afford installation and the on-going costs, sometimes almost double what urban areas are charged.

This is why major alternative network target urban and suburban areas as its more cost effective, with a higher revenue likelihood with more premises passed. While we work with hard to reach areas, the infrastructure is very hard to reach in this area.

While we’re investigating running fibre in the ground to achieve gigabit capability, we’re also looking at extending our coverage over the hill and across the east of Watchet and further afield.

Meare & Stileway

Our new deployment in Ashcott is capable of covering 1000’s of properties across Street & Glastonbury with clear line of sight towards both towns, however towards Meare & Stileway, trees and obstructions are impairing the line of sight. This can be make or break for a fixed wireless connection.

Without clear line of sight, we’re unable to guarantee the the quality of the service we provide. This means only a handful of homes and businesses will be able to obtain our WestWiFi service at the moment. We’re working to identify locations for broadband relays to serve this area better.

Steart & Stockland

We’ve invested in getting brand new infrastructure put in place and while our work continues, we’re almost ready to start accepting orders in Steart & Stockland Bristol. While we’ve had many hurdles to clear, we may have just one last hurdle to overcome.

In our latest newsletter, we announced vital infrastructure installed and mains power energised. The last part of the jigsaw was connectivity, being a fibre cable via the Openreach network however while its nearby, additional works have been identified and a substantial fee has been quoted for the works required to renew or add-capacity to connect our location.

While it may be impossible to identify these costs during the initial quotation process, we can estimate these costs to plan ahead our budget forecasts. In some instances, especially in rural settings, these costs can explode due to a number of factors such as work involved, staff shortages and inflation.

While we have little control in these factors and while other operators have million pound grants, loans and revenue, we do not. We have innovation in our name and we’re already planning alternative solutions to provide backhaul to our new location.

We can either use wireless backhaul from another location, such as Bridgewater or Highbridge, where fibre and infrastructure is available and cheap. We could also dig our own fibre to the mast with just under 1km of fibre required.

We plan on getting this deployment operational as fast as we can. Please register your interest to stay updated –


The A30 has an abundance of fibre optic cabling and there has been wide Openreach investment into FTTP however there are clusters of homes and businesses still struggling to get broadband speeds. We’ve setup a small base here to serve our new Cornwall network.

This will mainly be a dispatch and delivery point to assist with the logistics of building a new broadband network. We’re looking to start building both fixed wireless access and full fibre in the Launceston and Lawhitton. Please register your details on to keep up to date.


While the wider area has benefited from an Openreach FTTP upgrade, there are areas still poorly served by the incumbent operator. We have recently installed a mast location which can provide 1Gbps fixed wireless services to the western edges of Redruth and Ultrafast services throughout the Town and into Pool.

We’re currently installing business connections and gearing up for a residential service launch, Please register your details on to keep up to date.

New Website Launched

We’ve launched our new website offering a latest services including our new Gigabit Service being rolled out across hard to reach areas of Somerset, Devon & Cornwall. We’ve made it easier to register your interest and how we display information about our area.

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