Wireless High Definition Surveillance

Crime happens and when it does, capturing as much evidence is vital to recover and become stronger. We understand what it feels like to be victims of crime and how to protect your assets.  WestWiFi can supply a number of security solutions designed to better protect your business.

Repeat break-ins are often due to weak security, even if you already have a robust CCTV installation. Having the right cameras in the right locations is paramount for capturing evidence.

Technologies such as number plate recognition and high resolution low light cameras to capture crystal-clear evidence. Stored on and off-site for maximum protection.

We can supply, install, maintain and operate your security solution, custom designed around your business and risk levels. From installing the groundworks involved to monitoring footage remotely and calling patrols to visit when needed. 

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Frequently asked question?

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As long as there is clear line of sight, any location can be covered. In theory, up to 5 miles using higher spec equipment. We can even source solar panels and batteries for power-less environments. We can cover around 20 cameras per access point, which relays images through a digital video recorder and backs up on the cloud continuously.

Sometimes, as long as your current equipment is working and can be converted to IP technologies. Typically we can convert analog cameras and connect them to wireless devices, then using a digital video recorder to capture the footage.

Yes, get in touch to discuss your security concerns so we can gain a better picture of your project. We’ll arrange a visit and write up a proposal. if you accept, we’ll work with you from start to finish to maximise the cost savings and effectiveness of your new security solution. If you don’t accept, you can walk away, no obligation or fee.