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Businesses in Exeter could benefit from a new leased line...

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During the lockdown, we were inundated with requests for help from homes and businesses across Devon, with a hotspot in the rural communities around Exeter. With vast amounts of investment into full fibre and government funded fixed wireless, Devon should be well connected.

Homes and Businesses are being missed out during major infrastructure projects from the incumbent Openreach plus alternative networks like Airband, Jurassic Fibre, Rural Comms, OFNL, Virgin Media & Voneus. We plan on filling the voids and getting gigabit broadband accessible. 

Projected Coverage

This is a computer generated projected coverage map showing the areas which could potential benefit from our current and planned deployments.  The following speeds are dependent on availability, distance and line of sight. 

Red – Gigabit Services – up to 1Gbps Speeds
Orange – Ultrafast Services
– up to 300Mbps Speeds
Yellow– Superfast Services
– up to 100Mbps Speeds
Green/Blue – Fast Services
– up to 50Mbps Speeds