Business Grade Broadband

Superfast Broadband




24 Hour


Speedy Installs

Working from home is even easier with WestWiFi Homeworkers Broadband. Business grade broadband means you’ll receive a prioritised service over our home customers.

Business grade support means you’ll receive prioritised repairs and 24 hour monitoring. Complete with a 24 hour freephone helpline.

£20 a month
+ £150 Installation Fee


  • Avg Speeds 38.4Mbps  14.4Mbps 
  • Max Speeds 57Mbps ↓ 18.6Mbps 
  • Usage Allowance Unlimited
  • Contention 20:1
  • Managed Hardware Included
  • Static IP Address Optional
  • 24 / 7 Freephone Support

Subject to availability, pre-installation survey and credit check. Speeds and signal strengths may vary. Terms & conditions apply. 

Call 0800 6 102 109

Subject to availability, pre-installation survey and credit check. Speeds and signal strengths may vary.
Terms & conditions apply. 

Frequently asked question?

If you have any initial questions, see if they’ve been answered already below. If not, Please give us a call on 0800 6 102109 or email us by clicking here

In short, from 1 – 2 weeks, from ordering to going live.

In full, It depends on each order with availability and clear line of sight to the mast being crucial factors. In an ideal world, with clear line of sight and no ordering issues, we could have you setup within a number of days.

If we need to perform additional surveys or install additional equipment, you may have to wait a few more weeks. If you live outside of our coverage, you may have to wait until enough demand is found before we install the network needed to provide your broadband.

Please checkout our coverage map for more.

Most operators either restrict usage to save on costs, or they offer a ”best efforts” service where its a free for all. We manage our network as opposed to restricting it, so rather than limiting your internet usage, we manage speeds so you get the best experience by employing two traffic management methods on our network to keep data flowing, ensuring everyone is getting the speed their needing.

TDMA or Time Division Multiplex Access is a prioritisation method used within our wireless network by splitting customers into time slots, milliseconds apart, we’re able to create less noise and reduce packet collisions on our network, we also use the same method to prioritise VOIP and critical traffic into their own slots, away from non critical traffic to ensure jitter-less phone calls and bufferless streaming.

DPI or Deep Packet Inspection is perform throughout our fibre network to again ensure VOIP and critical traffic have priority over non critical traffic. This is done by look into the headers of each packet to determine how to prioritise them. The content is left unmonitored and send onto its destination. On Business networks, our 1:1 contented solutions are separate from our domestic network and will not pass through our DPI solution.

We monitor our network around the clock and plan bandwidth usage months in ahead. We add capacity where needed and link sites together to create resilient, diverse network links. We’re innovating the last mile delivery of the internet to homes and businesses across Somerset.

WestWiFi uses Fixed Wireless Technology to connect homes and businesses to superfast broadband and phone services.  We tap into the fibre broadband network at key points of presence and we install a base station on a high rooftop or mast. We can then install a rooftop dish on our customers premises to receive and transmit data wirelessly.

Previously, The incumbent operator would have rented you a pair of thin copper wires to receive and transmit data. Over longer distances of only a few km’s, speeds would degrade rapidly. WestWiFi steps away from this network and provides you a new 5Ghz wireless link that can reach 5 Miles with great speeds.

By using dedicated equipment, we’re able to provide our services to customers upto 15 miles away (in the right locations). This mean’s we’re able to connect customers with cheaper leased lines in town’s and cities out of reach of the wired alternative.