How do we supply fixed wireless broadband? 

We started our business to provide fixed wireless broadband for a marina in a rural costal Somerset town however we soon discovered new-build houses were left out from a FTTC deployment and giving them a digital divide from their neighbours a few doors down. We quickly sold out and had to add further capacity and found our service was being bought by people looking for great value broadband without the landline. 

While demand has been high, planning our network elsewhere is difficult, as most of our potential customers live and work in rural areas, in thick woodland or steep valley’s. Fixed wireless technology requires direct line of sight and requires extensive surveying and testing priory to confirming a deployment. This can take a number of weeks to a number of years to plan, depending on local planning rules and the topology of the surrounding area. 

We start with demand, looking for around 10 homes or businesses to get a deployment off the ground and into the design stage. We perform a number of desktop surveys using LIDAR data to assess clear lines of sight. We then find a suitable place for a mast which will cover as many of the potential customers. The mast must also be near to power and near to communications infrastructure. In some cases, we can relay the signal wirelessly and generate renewable power via Solar and Wind. 

The mast is typically a pub or barn roof or a telegraph pole. We try to recycle by renting disused mobile phone masts or establishing sharing agreements. Our mast will have a small, low powered 5Ghz access point, uninteruptable power supply and a weather proof enclosure. This will broadcast a encrypted and secure wireless signal which your rooftop dish will connect to. 

Your rooftop aerial will be smaller than a satellite dish and mounted as high as possible. This will connect directly to a wifi router inside your house using one low powered cable. The whole setup consumes very minimal power and provides outstanding whole house wifi coverage. We’re able to monitor the update and access configurations remotely, giving you access to a far better level of support. 

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