Broadband without the Landline

The wait is almost over! 
With a massive amount of work already done, we’re building a new network from the ground up. Please register your interest to be kept updated. 

Latest News

Gigabit Cornwall

We are trialing new hardware at our Redruth site which will enhance broadband connectivity for multiple homes and businesses in the area. As part of our on-going upgrades, we’re introducing new hardware to add gigabit services. Currently 100Mbps...

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While the wider area has benefited from an Openreach FTTP upgrade, there are areas still poorly served by the incumbent operator. We have recently installed a mast location which can provide 1Gbps fixed wireless services to the western...

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Availability Checker

Projected Coverage

This is a computer generated projected coverage map showing the areas which could potential benefit from our current and planned deployments.  The following speeds are dependent on availability, distance and line of sight. 

Red – Gigabit Services – up to 1Gbps Speeds
Orange – Ultrafast Services
– up to 300Mbps Speeds
Yellow– Superfast Services
– up to 100Mbps Speeds
Green/Blue – Fast Services
– up to 50Mbps Speeds

Please note: Lower installation price is subject to a minimum term contract. Early termination will result in a early termination charge which will be equal to the remaining contract value. We will provide a free desk based survey for the availability check and free quotation, which will remain valid for 30 days and you will be under no obligation to make a purchase. Please see our full terms and conditions for more information.