Superfast WiFi Access for All

Making your guests feel at home is one of the fundamentals of being in the hospitality industry. WestWiFi can supply superfast wireless internet making your guests feel right at home.

Over 70% of iPad’s sold are WiFi only and booking agents are now seeing internet connectivity as a serious selection criteria for potential guests.

On average, each guest will have 2 or more ”connected” devices which need wireless access to work. 

We have a number of solutions to cater for your guests, from in-wall access points for discrete deployments to high capacity units for busier restaurants.

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Frequently asked question?

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We can provide an email address and phone number for your guests to call when they need help connecting. We can also provide printed leaflets explaining how to connect and how to contact us.

This depends on a number of factors such as size of site and how many guests will be using the wireless service, however based on a typical installation with one access point and the communications line for £299 a year. (£24.94 a month)

We’ll provide you with leaflets to give to your customers explaining how to connect their smartphones and laptops.