Free WiFi for your shoppers

Becoming the destination for customer to spend their money might become easier with superfast WiFi. WestWiFi can supply fast and easy to access wireless internet access throughout your store.

Over 70% of iPad’s sold are WiFi only and travelers will more than likely take a pitstop at your location if you have a wifi connection available.

We have a number of solutions that can cover your entire site whilst offering a social incentive, sharing their ”check-in” with their friends. 

Word will quickly spread and you’ll find the lunch-time regulars making an appearance and topping up your lunchtime sales. 

Fully supported and monitored around the clock for optimum performance. 

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Frequently asked question?

If you have any initial questions, see if they’ve been answered already below. If not, Please give us a call on 0800 6 102109 or email us by clicking here

We’ll arrange the installation of the communications line and we’ll provide the engineer to install your wireless solution, free of charge.

This will depend on your requirements such as size of location and how many guests will be using it, however based on a typical installation with one access point and the communications line for £249 a year. (£20.75 a month)