How to diagnose a speed fault?
First of all, we need to establish the severity and type of issue being encountered. We’ve explained 6 steps below that will help find the right information to submit to our support team. We can then work on a solution that resolves the speed issues. 

The Speed Tests
When we installed your connection we ensured the link speed (the link between your aerial and our base station) was within our quality thresholds. We then tested the actual speeds via the following speed tests. 

We recommend doing the two speed tests at multiple times during the day in order to gather more information and build a better picture of the fault. we’ll recommend performing the tests in the morning, afternoon and evening for a comprehensive view. 

WestWiFi Speedtest

Netflix Speedtest

We’ve teamed up with Ookla, the world’s leading speedtester to give you access to a unique speed testing platform giving you ”real-world” actual speed figures. We’ve also included Netflix’s speedtest to obtain yet another real-world actual speed figure. 

The WestWiFi Speedtest will provide you with a link to copy at the end, please do so and paste it below. It’s important to remember, these figures may differ massively due to congestion on the Netflix network or other 3rd party internet networks which are outside of our control. 

Check our service status pages to find out if we’re working on the network in your area. If we are, this may be the reason your internet is under-performing.

Check a few websites such as Youtube & BBC. If only few websites are affected, if may be due to a website or network issue outside of our control.

Check the weather as bad weather such as heavy winds, snow and freezing fog  can degrade signals enough to increase latency and lower overall speeds. 

Building works around the aerial or in the direction the aerial is pointing can reflect our signal away from your aerial, lowering the overall speeds & quality.

As trees grow, in some cases degrade our signals getting to your aerial. We may have to raise the aerial height or relay around the obstruction.

Report your speed issue