It’s been a while since we acquired an ex-mobile mast and work immediately sprang into life recommissioning power and surveying the structure. The mast is in good condition and mains power has been energised. We’ve located fibre optic infrastructure however, we need to cross a motorway to access it. This literal digital divide is proving costly to plan and begin.

Work has already started with creating a data room for operational hardware, Space for a local full fibre deployment and a wider fixed wireless service, getting connectivity in place is difficult. The existing mobile mast backhauled its bandwidth wirelessly from the A39 near Ashcott, so there was no infrastructure in place. There is another mobile mast in use 500m away with a fibre connection on the other side of the M5 motorway so work is on-going to get a connection in place.

This site could link Ashcott and Taunton together creating a superfast resilient network link and business data storage solution. Please register your details on to keep updated.