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Clyst St Mary

We have a number if requests in this area but more are needed. We have already started site surveys with a location found, backhaul connectivity priced and risk assessments being drafted. Once we reach the threshold, we should be able to raise the funds required to commence work.

At this stage, purely on expected construction costs, we’ll need around 30 customers in the area to make this happen. Please register your interest if you live or work within the coverage area projected here – https://www.westwifi.co.uk/exetersouth/

There is no go live date as of yet – Please email team@westnetworks.co.uk if you have any questions.


Businesses in Exeter could benefit from a new leased line equivalent fixed wireless network. We’re planning a new dual band gigabit ready network to serve businesses across the area with 1Gbps symmetrical connectivity.

From just £99 a month, with a £200 setup fee, we could pipe 100Mbps to your rooftop. Unlimited usage and very low latency. Perfect for a budget connection or a secondary resilient failsafe.

Register your interest today at https://www.westwifi.co.uk/exetersouth/