Gigabit Cornwall

We are trialing new hardware at our Redruth site which will enhance broadband connectivity for multiple homes and businesses in the area. As part of our on-going upgrades, we’re introducing new hardware to add gigabit services.

Currently 100Mbps is the fastest plan we can provide here, however from January 2023, we will have 1Gbps services available. Initial surveys shows a potential coverages of approx. 300 premises passed in and around this area – Click here for statistics.

Targeted Postcodes
TR4 8TY,TR16 5UB,TR16 5UE,TR16 5UF,TR16 5UG,TR16 5UH,TR16 5UJ,TR16 5UL,TR16 5UN,TR16 5UQ,TR16 4JL,TR16 4JN,TR16 4JQ,TR16 4QL,TR16 4QQ,TR16 4QR,TR16 4QS,TR16 4QT,TR16 4QU,TR16 4RN,TR16 4RP,TR16 4RU,TR16 4RW,TR16 4RX,TR16 4RY,TR16 4RZ,TR16 4SA,TR16 4SD,TR16 4SF,TR16 4SG,TR16 4SH,TR16 4SJ,TR16 4SN,TR16 4SQ,TR16 4SR,TR16 4SS,TR16 4ST,TR16 4SU,TR16 4SW,TR16 5DQ,TR16 5DW,TR15 3TA,TR15 3TD,TR15 3TE,TR15 3TJ,TR15 3TN,TR15 3TP,TR15 3TQ,TR15 3TW,TR16 4AA,TR16 4AD,TR16 4AE,TR16 4AF,TR16 4AH,TR16 4AJ,TR16 4AN,TR16 4AQ,TR16 4AR,TR16 4AS,TR16 4AT,TR16 4AU,TR16 4AZ,TR16 4BH,TR16 4BL,TR16 4BN,TR16 4BP,TR16 4BQ,TR16 4BS,TR16 4BU,TR16 4BW,TR16 4BX,TR16 4BY,TR16 4BZ,TR16 4DA,TR16 4DB,TR16 4DF,TR16 4DG,TR16 4DH,TR16 4DJ,TR16 4DL,TR16 4DN,TR16 4DP,TR16 4DQ,TR16 4DR,TR16 4DS,TR16 4DT,TR16 4DW,TR16 4DX,TR16 4EE,TR16 4EL,TR16 4EP,TR16 4ER,TR16 4ET,TR16 4EU,TR16 4EW,TR16 4EX,TR16 4EZ,TR16 4GA,TR16 4HA,TR16 4HD,TR16 4HG,TR16 4HH,TR16 4HJ,TR16 4HN,TR16 4HP,TR16 4HQ,TR16 4HS,TR16 4HT,TR16 4HU,TR16 4HW,TR16 4HY,TR16 4HZ,TR16 4JA,TR16 4JB,TR16 4JD,TR16 4JF,TR16 4JG,TR16 4JH,TR15 3HJ,TR15 3HP,TR15 3HT,TR15 3HW,TR15 3HY,TR15 3LX,TR15 3LY,TR16 4AG,TR16 4FA,TR16 4EY,TR16 4FN,TR15 3FU,TR16 4FH,TR16 4FR,TR16 4FS,TR16 4FT,TR16 4FW

Fixed Wireless Done Right

We have been working with fixed wireless technologies since 2012 and over the last decade, we have grown from a superfast provider to a gigabit provider. This has ultimately been targeted at areas with no broadband options at all with many other fixed wireless access providers doing other parts of the UK.

We’ve been following our competitors deployments carefully, the technology used and customer experiences. We’ve seen reports that some customers of other fixed wireless providers are suffering issues with speeds and drop-outs.

We have encountered the same issues with our own deployments however upon investigation, there are four main reasons why fixed wireless connections can go wrong after they have been working correctly. Some experience slow speeds periodically and some randomly loose their connection, with little or no resolution.

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Stogursey Upgrades

We have been working on our Stogursey mast in preparation of new gigabit services and a new fibre deployment. This will ensure the area is not lefts behind with neighbouring towns and villages getting the full fibre treatment. Further away, we’ll be upgrading our fixed wireless access to handle gigabit speeds for remote rural homes and businesses. Getting gigabit broadband might be more affordable with the gigabit voucher scheme.

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While the wider area has benefited from an Openreach FTTP upgrade, there are areas still poorly served by the incumbent operator. We have recently installed a mast location which can provide 1Gbps fixed wireless services to the western edges of Redruth and Ultrafast services throughout the Town and into Pool.

We’re currently installing business connections and gearing up for a residential service launch, Please register your details on to keep up to date.


As part of our survey of Launceston, we identified a few postcodes in Lawhitton that could benefit from our fixed wireless service. It will involve installing a sector antenna pointed towards the Lawhitton area, we will however need 10 or more pre-registrations to make this feasible.

In addition to this, we can build bespoke networks from this point of presence. Please register your details on to keep up to date.

Clyst St Mary

We have a number if requests in this area but more are needed. We have already started site surveys with a location found, backhaul connectivity priced and risk assessments being drafted. Once we reach the threshold, we should be able to raise the funds required to commence work.

At this stage, purely on expected construction costs, we’ll need around 30 customers in the area to make this happen. Please register your interest if you live or work within the coverage area projected here –

There is no go live date as of yet – Please email if you have any questions.

Watchet Upgrades

We’re looking to upgrade our network in Watchet as we’re limited to up to 50Mbps due to the technology which is available in this area. We’re using a ethernet over FTTC product over Openreach apparatus to backhaul our fixed wireless traffic to the internet.

It’s inherently expensive to use dedicated fibre even with the local exchange just up the road in Williton. We would need to increase our pricing substantially to be able to afford installation and the on-going costs, sometimes almost double what urban areas are charged.

This is why major alternative network target urban and suburban areas as its more cost effective, with a higher revenue likelihood with more premises passed. While we work with hard to reach areas, the infrastructure is very hard to reach in this area.

While we’re investigating running fibre in the ground to achieve gigabit capability, we’re also looking at extending our coverage over the hill and across the east of Watchet and further afield.


It’s been a while since we acquired an ex-mobile mast and work immediately sprang into life recommissioning power and surveying the structure. The mast is in good condition and mains power has been energised. We’ve located fibre optic infrastructure however, we need to cross a motorway to access it. This literal digital divide is proving costly to plan and begin.

Work has already started with creating a data room for operational hardware, Space for a local full fibre deployment and a wider fixed wireless service, getting connectivity in place is difficult. The existing mobile mast backhauled its bandwidth wirelessly from the A39 near Ashcott, so there was no infrastructure in place. There is another mobile mast in use 500m away with a fibre connection on the other side of the M5 motorway so work is on-going to get a connection in place.

This site could link Ashcott and Taunton together creating a superfast resilient network link and business data storage solution. Please register your details on to keep updated.


We already have locations across Taunton however we’re planning a new gigabit fixed wireless network to bring faster broadband without the cables. This will reach across all our sites and across the surrounding areas with a new 15m high mast in planning.

This will provide a backhaul to each existing site and provide connectivity for many more areas from Blackbrook to Bishop’s Hull. Due to the size of this project, it will take meticulous design and serious investment to bring this project to life.

We aim to have enough bandwidth available to serve smaller masts, which can then serve gigabit fixed wireless broadband to homes and businesses across the Taunton & West Somerset area. Please register your details on to keep updated.