Tracking Storm Helene

We’re tracking a very low pressure system moving in from the south-west, expected to bring windy and wet conditions overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. The media is hailing this a hurricaine however we’re expecting gusts of upto 45mph and sustained … Read More

Worldcup Online

With the World Cup in full swing, we’re all eyes on our network, monitoring capacities and uptime so you don’t miss a second of action. This is high on our agenda because even a moment of buffering can mean you … Read More

Internet Security

The importance of cyber security is at an all-time high with the NHS, worldwide Governments and Giant Organisations all falling victim to online crime. The best way to keep secure is to stay up to date as software makers fix … Read More

5G – What is it?

With BT announcing EE will launch its first 5G network next year, the hype is going to start increasing and big marketing campaigns rolled out. But what is 5G and is it as much of a technology innovation as its … Read More

Industry Recognition 

We’ve discovered we have been listed on ISPReview. One of the leading impartial news and reviews website aimed at the broadband industry and lets visitors discuss their good and bad experiences with their broadband service providers. This industry recognition means … Read More

Superfast West Somerset

Superfast – West Somerset WiFi My Street is our tool to record where demand is, we then target these areas and build our superfast network. Crucially, we build our network around our customers, achieving the best quality and speeds. We’re able … Read More

Building from the ground up

We’re building our own 5Ghz network from the ground up, setting up infrastructure ourselves and designing our network around you. This involves huge amounts of planning, funding, blood, sweat and tears. This post explains some of what we do to … Read More

Storm Emma Update

With widespread snowfall and freezing rain, Storm Emma combined with the beast from the east has certainly disrupted our day to day life. Snow days may be fun, but from a wireless internet service provider point of view, its a … Read More